June 02, 2008

Fruit Salad with Lime Mint Dressing

Oh, I love this time of year when warmth finally fills the air. New Yorkers, feeling relieved after a long winter, walk around with smiles on their faces and even shed a bit of courtesy to those around them. Sidewalk cafes begin to populate, and lines for the local ice cream shop grow long. Meanwhile, yummy summer fruit begins to fill the shelves at the market. I love it!

To aid my efforts in consuming all the great fruit that is finally reaching its featured season, I like to make fruit salads. Why settle on just one fruit when you can throw everything together?

When I make fruit salads, I like to keep them simple. I make one of my favorite fruit salads by just cutting up a selection of fruit, squeezing some lime juice over it, and mixing in some chopped mint. Yum!

The fruit you choose is endless for this salad. Today I made it with a peach, apricot, and plum. One lime provided plenty of juice, and I used about 1/4 cup of chopped mint. This made one large serving, or two small side servings of salad.

I would write out this “recipe”, but I think this dish works best when you run with it on your own.




Blogger Lord Family said...

That looks so freaking good to me right now. Want to come to FL and have some fresh citrus? I'll even make the fruit salad!

3:38 PM  

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