May 23, 2006

Daily Chocolate - Vergennes, VT

You know it is time to post when a reader emails you wondering if you are deathly ill since it has been so long since the last post! Okay, okay, I get the idea!

Things in “Kristin world” have been quite hectic with work and summer activities. For instance, this past weekend a couple friends and I drove up to Vermont for a college friend’s wedding (it is the start of that time of year, after all). Our friend, Gus, married such a cute, nice woman at the Basin Harbor Club in the little town of Vergennes.

For those of you not familiar with Vermont, it is just a fabulous state that is hardly touched by the complications and ugliness of city life. And get this New Yorkers—there are stars in Vermont! No, no, not the movie kind—the kind you find in the sky! Oh, and you know how us New Yorkers buy candles to make our apartment smell like fresh air? Get this—in Vermont the fresh air smell comes just by opening the window! (And speaking of windows, here is a picture of the view we had from out lodge’s deck. Beautiful, right?)

Anyway, as you can see I love Vermont. I have been many times before but not in the area we were in this past weekend. Vergennes is located in northern Vermont on Lake Champlain, which is along the Upstate New York boundary (ideally about a 5 hour drive from Manhattan, but realistically with traffic a 7 hour drive).

Before the wedding on Saturday, O’Hara, Christina and I headed into the town to explore Vergennes. As we were walking around, we veered off of Main Street onto Green Street and spotted a darling chocolate shop. Christina exclaimed, “Chocolate!” Needless to say, we stopped by.

Evidently this is a relatively new shop in the town, which opened sometime in the past year. Like many of the trendy chocolate shops in Manhattan, Daily Shop has a unique selection of high-end chocolates. Choices included Black Rum Caramel with Grey Salt, Maple-Chipotle Pecan Cluster, Raspberry Fig Chocolate Pate’, and Lemon-Lavender-Almond White Chocolate. Don’t these all sounds fabulous? Well, they were! (Yes, we ordered all of these.)

Should you be in the Vergennes area, I recommend that you pay Daily Chocolate a visit. The people there are very friendly, and the selection is fabulous. What a nice treat to nimble on as you walk around the little town...

Unfortunately I was unable to find a website for them, but their address is as follows:

Daily Chocolate, 7 Green Street, Vergennes, VT 05491, Phone: (802) 877-0087.

Update: Daily Chocolate now has a website! It is

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Anonymous barb from canada said...

Hmmm yer not makin it easy on a chocolate adict LOL I'm from CAnada and I also love Vermont as well as Southers Maine

7:11 AM  

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